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Welcome to DOLPHIN AIR!

For the first time DOLPHIN AIR was founded by Jimmy Hartwig in August 1998. With the spirit with more than 20 years ago, DOLPHIN AIR will start again and look for YOU as a pilot for our successful course.

DOLHIN Air is operated as a pure charter company, so there are no route requirements, each pilot is free to choose his planned routes.

Getting started with DOLPHIN AIR is quick and uncomplicated. After successfully registering, you can become a first officer with 5 online hours using your DLP callsign. These hours must be completed with the single-engine Cessna 172SP or the twin-engine Beechraft Baron B58 with at least 5 flight legs without using the autopilot. From 5-10 online hours with DLP callsign one aircraft type more from our fleet can be used for all other flight hours. Every 10 hours must be reached within 4 weeks of your registration.

** THE BEST **

After 10 online hours with DLP callsign, all aircraft type from our fleet can be used & all existing online Pilot-hours of IVAO and VATSIM will be transferred to your pilot account.

I am very pleased to welcome you as one of our pilots at DOLPHIN AIR.

Always good headings & happy landing :-)

Jimmy Hartwig



Piloten 5
Flugzeuge 8
Routen 0
Stunden Total: 8631:24
Flüge Total 369
Linien Flüge 0
Charter Flüge 373
% Linien Flüge 0.00 %


DLP918Florian Steiner  LOWI  LOWL 13-06-2020 00:25
DLP222Werner Springet  LOWS  LOWI 12-06-2020 00:22
DLP222Werner Springet  LOWS  EDDT 03-06-2020 00:53
DLP222Werner Springet  LOWI  LOWS 02-06-2020 00:34
DLP918Florian Steiner  LGKR  LOWL 15-05-2020 01:31



Monday's Company Team-Flight 17-04-2020




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